destroyed luxury

- Osho


" this awareness

does not deny the pain

and yet is beyond it. It

it allows the pain to be

and yet transmutes it at the same

time.     It accepts everything and

transforms everything. "




which    under -    

takes this problem

is not a unity but a

thing of parts ; ( ... ) it goes forth

amassing successive impressions

so that, to it, the object becomes

multiple. ( ... )       the reality 

escapes us when we hope to

possess of itself item after item.

One wishing to contemplate what

transcends the intellectual, attains by 

( ... ) never seeking to define it ( ... )

there would be more truth in silence. ( ... )

the only way is to make every denial and

no assertion. Of what is There we have

direct knowledge, not images or even

impressions ; and to know without image

is to be ; We may know we have had the

vision when the   Soul has suddenly taken

light. "                         - Plotinus

one, the known; another, the 

unknown; and the third, and  

the most important, is the 

unknowable - which has not 

been known and which will

never be known. And that is

the essential core of it all. 

Knowledge requires division. The object

has to be separate from the subject.

The knower has to keep a distance 

from the known. If the distance 

disappears, there will be no knowledge

possible. And that's what happens in

mysticism : the seeker becomes one 

with the sought, the lover dissolves

into the beloved, the dewdrop slips, 

falls into the ocean and becomes the

ocean. In such unity there is only

experience, and experience not of

something outside you, but something

inside       you. It   is experiencing,

rather   than experience. "

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