Tarot is an ancient game of cards, now used as a tool for divination, guidance, empowerment, self-healing, magic and personal development. It works through symbolism, in a similar way to interpreting dreams.  


The 78 cards can be divided in 22 MAJOR ARCANA which represent the great mysteries of life & death, and 56 MINOR ARCANA which represent individual aspects and personality traits and are divided into 4 suits: Wands (fire: creative impulse), Cups (water: emotions), Swords (air: thinking mind) and Coins or Pentacles (earth: physical reality & body). 


Each card embodies an universal archetype & a personal force within one's psyche that can be discovered by engaging a dialogue with the card. Thus, what seems to be pure coincidence triggers a productive process of self-knowledge.   



While shuffling the deck, imagine that the most powerful forces on Earth (or God) are aimed at showing you the Truth  through the cards.



While interpreting them, stay curious and write everything down. When something isn't clear, sleep on it & you might get sudden insights and spontaneous breakthroughs.



Here you can pre-order a mystical Tarot deck centered around religious & esoteric symbolism with images in the Lunar Crib signature neutral earthy tones that induce a calm, personal and grounded experience.



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